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Wilberforce-Clapham Circle

Over the course of history, culture has primarily been changed by small groups of determined leaders, namely men and women at the head of networks or institutions, working together, focusing on common purposes. One of the most remarkable is that of a gathering assembled by the British abolitionist, William Wilberforce, to address the abolition of the slave trade in Great Britain. These men and women, known as the “Clapham Circle,” possessed “cultural capital.” They wielded both power and influence and worked together to successfully end slavery in their land. Like other successful, culture-changing agents, this circle of leaders started off with a goal and a plan. As a direct result of their faithful efforts, their culture was changed forever.


The time is now to change the course of trafficking in the Triad. Would you consider becoming a member of our Wilberforce Clapham Circle with a "cultural capital" gift of $2500? 


We would love to discuss this important opportunity with you.

Please reach out by email at to discuss this critical role in the fight to end human trafficking.


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